Your Little Finger Can Tell a Lot About Your Personality Take a Look at Your Little Finger!

Your Little Finger Can Tell a Lot About Your Personality Take a Look at Your Little Finger!

Often we only show people what we want because of how we like to project ourselves. It is not easy for another person to guess our personality, especially when we do not show all sides of the coin. But did you know that people know who you are just by looking at your pinky finger? Find out how!
The little finger is located below the joint of the ring finger
In this case, you are definitely a living person who sees life as half full. You are very optimistic and don’t let negativity drag you down for long. What works for you and sometimes against you is that you forgive and forget easily. You can’t hold grudges and anger for long, yes, people use them. Some people think you have no self-respect, but the truth is, you believe in the motto that life is too short to hold onto hatred, bitterness, and anger.
You also have a lot of energy, and because of this, some people tend to judge you as self-centered. You can be a bit stubborn in an argument, especially if you’re convinced you’re right. But you’re also the first person to say sorry when you move on.
The main thing about your personality is that you have a bubbly personality, but the truth is that you always keep yourself together. You express your opinion and people value you.
The joints of the little finger and the ring finger are at the same level
If your knuckles and pinky are on the same level, you are independent. You are an introvert and it takes a long time to open up. On the surface, you imagine yourself to be independent and tough. You are an upright person who hates injustice and gives everything for the people you love. However, because of your modesty, people perceive you as arrogant. In reality, people who are very close to you know that you have a warm personality and can be the life of a group.
The little finger is above the knuckle of your ring finger
People whose pinky finger touches above the joint are said to be very loyal friends and very sensitive people. Your life tends to revolve around your partner, but what you describe is quite the opposite. You like to show that you can be happy alone and thrive without a partner. You slowly peel back the skin like a multi-layered onion. Although your partner is always in your mind and dreams.
You are a loyal person who puts your mind to something and makes it happen. Focus is your strength.

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