Palmistry is an ancient method of fortune-telling based on the lines on the palm of a person’s hand.

Palmistry was widespread in ancient Persia, ancient Egypt, Greece, Tibet and other Mesopotamian cultures. The ancient Romans and Greeks spread this method throughout Europe. These cultures believe that a person’s hands represent his character and destiny.

A palm reader holds the subject’s hand, looks carefully at the palm, and begins to tell the subject’s past and future by placing the lines and figures on the palm.

The meaning of the palm – the letter M on the palm
The letter “M” on your hand indicates that you are career driven, independent and disciplined. These traits will bring great luck in your life and you will be successful in whatever career you choose. Often, they work in the political sphere or hold management positions, reaching the top levels of business.

These people have strong intuition and can immediately see through someone’s lies. Their strong instincts make them excellent business planners, and they succeed in anything they put their mind and heart to.

If you are lucky enough to have the letter M on your palm, it means that you are very creative, intuitive, compassionate, spiritual, and an excellent problem solver. You are in control of whatever you choose to do. People with M sign will have luck and fortune. For example, billionaires such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have M on their palms.

People with the letter M on their palms are very ambitious and hardworking. They never give up on their dreams and strive to achieve everything they want. They are driven to success and can often make their dreams come true. They are very smart with money and destined to be rich. They are very lucky and bring luck to their partner as well.

The letter M represents an old soul, and people with an M in their palm are very mentally gifted and awake. They may have psychic abilities and work through mediums. They are natural empaths. In Vedic palmistry, this letter is considered the sign of the “Teacher”, that is, the sign of a person who is able to teach all that he has learned.

How to read Palm?
Look carefully at the lines in your palm. How deep are they? How good are they? How many people are there?

In palmistry, each line has its own meaning. Also, the structure and depth of the lines contain unique details about the person’s life and character. There are 3 main lines that give a palm reader the most information about a person. These lines are the Life Line, the Heart Line, and the Head Line.

Below is a guide to palm reading
Which palm tree to read?
A person’s dominant hand contains information about his present and future, while the other hand represents his past and birth traits and is believed to be immutable.

However, some people believe that the right hand should be read for women and the left hand for men. Why? This is because in Chinese tradition, the right hand represents the mother and the female figure, and the left hand represents the father.

Palm reading: Hand shape
Each person’s hand is believed to correspond to one of the four elements (air, water, fire, and earth) based on their shape. Therefore, the shape of a person’s hand indicates his personality.

Air arm:
Rectangle and straight. The palm is not as wide as it is tall. Fingers are straight. These people always use reason. They are logical, analytical and rational. They are also great critics and judges. Their minds are always thinking and gathering information, so they may be flighty or distant. They are also sarcastic, but they play fair.

Water arm:
People with “water hands” have a lot of light engravings of “fine lines of children”. Their fingers are long and bony, and their palms are slender. These people are very emotional and sympathetic. They are very caring and tend to feel the pain of others. Aquarians are very compassionate, receptive, and flexible.

Arms of Fire:
The palms of these people are irregular and have many marks. The lines are deep and irregular. People with fiery hands are very charming. They are like magnets, drawing people to them with their fiery energy and enthusiasm. They are also very creative and want to have fun.

Hands of the Earth:
People with “earth hands” have square palms. They don’t have many lines, but the lines they do have are deep. These people are very reliable and trustworthy people like the world. They carry the burden of the world on their shoulders. They are not afraid of hard work; In fact, they prefer it because they prefer to get work done rather than have fun.

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