World swimming champion Daiya Seto betrayed his wife and for that he lost the title of national team captain.

90 minutes with a nice stranger. High-profile sex scandal of swimming team captain

Alexander Govorov

Alexander Govorov

Daiya Seto betrayed his wife

A temporary diversion to a hotel can ruin a successful career as world champion and Olympic medalist for many years.

Japanese Daiya Seto – a real sports star in his homeland. At the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, he won a bronze medal and won many other world championships. He was loved and idolized in Japan. But everything changed after Daiya rented a hotel room at an hourly rate and pulled into it with a spectacular stranger for an hour and a half.

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Not family values

It all happened in late September 2020 in Tokyo. Seto’s popularity in Japan is so great that he is sometimes followed by the paparazzi. And on that beautiful evening, the photographers looking for scandalous photos had an extraordinary fortune. They caught the captain of the Japanese swimming team in the parking lot when an unknown peach in a short dress got into his car.

The paparazzi followed Seto’s car to a hotel with an hourly rate. In Tokyo, there are many of them all over the city and everyone knows what they work for. The couple spent exactly an hour and a half in the room, after which the athlete and the girl left the building and parted in different directions.

The photos quickly spread on social media, so it made no sense to deny the swimmer something. Seto apologized for his action, calling it reckless, but public censorship was too strong. The Japanese did not particularly like the fact that just a few weeks ago, the athlete and his wife starred in an ad promoting family values.

Prior to the scandal, the Seto family was generally a role model. Yuka Mabuchi’s wife is also directly involved in water sports. In the past, she was a professional diver. In 2018, the couple gave birth to their first child, and in March 2020, their second.

The sexiest athlete in the world was invited to football.  Who is so lucky?
The sexiest athlete in the world was invited to football. Who is so lucky?

Everything has to do with the coronavirus!

At least so thinks the multiple world champion in swimming. Daiya admitted she was in a deep depression after the Tokyo Olympics were postponed for a year. And even now, no one knows if it will happen at all. Seto had high hopes for the Games at home. In 2019, he won twice in the 200m and 400m medley at the World Championships.

The summer of 2020 was to make him a star not only in Japanese sports but also in the world. The preparation went well, the athlete was ready to show the highest results. But the coronavirus pandemic has snatched a long-awaited moment of glory from the swimmer. Seto assures that psychologically he could not cope with this and started looking for an outlet on the side.

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The British swimmer decided to compete for Russia. Why does Belonogoff need a Russian passport?

Life has gone downhill

The consequences of this act were terrible for Seton. Because of the high-profile sex scandal, he was abandoned by all sponsors, including the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways, which gave him almost $ 1 million a year.

Sports were added to the financial difficulties. The Japanese were stripped of their national team captain status. But he dreamed of leading the team to the Olympics at home! There has even been talk of Seto’s complete departure from navigation, but this seems legally impossible.

For now, Daiya will remain on the team in line with the principle of the sport. But without the support of sponsors, coaches and fans, his career could already be ruined.

Adultery, of course, is not the best example of demonstrating family values, but it is nonetheless the personal life of a person who has no direct connection to sport. I would love to see a talented swimmer in Japan not go too far. And it remains for Seto himself to want to fix his relationship, recover psychologically and make everyone forget his wrongdoing from success at home Olympics, whenever it happens now.

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