WHAT DOeS YOUR Sitting position TALK ABOUT YOUR PErsonality

WHAT DOeS YOUR Sitting position TALK ABOUT YOUR PErsonality

Sitting is not something you think about much, you just do it. Everyone usually has a sitting position that is prone to gravity. But did you know that your sitting position can tell you something about how you feel? Here’s what your seating position says about your personality.

Spread your legs
Some people seem to dislike sitting with their legs out, which is sometimes referred to as “man-spreading.” People who sit this way have trouble sitting still or concentrating. They like a fast-paced environment, get bored easily, and often speak before thinking about what to say.

Ankles crossed
It’s an overall elegant and classy pose that makes you feel good about yourself and those around you. In addition, people who sit this way generally like to take responsibility. This is a common seat used by members of the British royal family.

You’ll see this pose a lot when people meditate or practice yoga. This is done by people who are more open-minded and more carefree. People in this position are open to new ideas.

Put your hands on your lap
If you put your hands in your lap instead of together, maybe between your thighs, you’d prefer to keep them to yourself. It doesn’t make you selfish, but you probably prefer to put others first. You rarely get upset and can control your emotions. This means you are humble, unassuming, compassionate, gentle, and easy to be around.

Clinging to the armrest
Armrests are designed to provide support and are provided by people who grab the armrests while sitting. People who prefer to use armrests are more sensitive and attentive to their surroundings. They probably need a little more comfort and security. Otherwise, grasping the armrests means that they are stable, reasonable and reliable.

Sitting on an airport chair
You can learn a little about the person sitting in the airport chair. If you sit in the middle of the seat, you will feel more confident. People who sit on the side are more introverted and don’t want to be surrounded by other people. And the people who go out the most sit in the middle. They are bolder and think they can make friends more easily.

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