Have you ever wondered what your favorite sleeping position says about your personality? How is your health? Here’s what the experts say about the best ways to relax, and what your style says about you.
Your body language in bed
Your body language can say a lot about your personality and thoughts. But you will be surprised to know that even when you are sleeping, your body is communicating with each other.

“When you think about it,” notes David Greuner, MD, FACS, FICS, of NYC Surgical Associates, “most people sleep six or more hours a day, so the way you sleep says a lot about you.” By this, Dr. Gruner is referring not only to your personality, but also to your health.

D.C.’s Michelle Robin adds that sleeping on the best mattress can also affect your health. “If you’re standing for hours on end in a position that breaks your neck, numbs your arm, or hurts your hip, it’s not only physically damaging, it’s mentally damaging,” he explains. energetic.” The good news is that we can work on our sleeping position to get the most health benefits from the time we spend between the sheets.

Curling up like a baby?
Suzanne Floter, mattress designer at Somnium Beds, says: “Many people sleep on their side because it makes them feel safer when they fall asleep.” According to a 2013 Harris Poll conducted on behalf of the American Feather and Feather Council, this is the most common sleeping position.

“People who prefer the fetal side position are sensitive, but they can be rigid on the outside,” says Chris Idzikowski, MD, of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service (a group that helps doctors in the UK advise patients on how to sleep). He spoke to the BBC about the body language of sleeping positions. Similarly, fetal sleepers are shy when they first meet people, but are quite personable, Dr. Idzikowski added.

Twice as many women as men occupy this position. Let’s hope they’re comfortable in their pajamas.

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