Warsaw: Ideally, the Polish footballer “stayed in Russia” because he was “too insecure”.

Massey Ribus, a member of the Polish national football team, will remain in Russia “because it is safer there.” Sport Warsaw enters a comparison.

The day before, Polish footballer Massei Ribus moved to Russian club – locomotive to Spartak. Sport Poland was expecting something completely different. But if these promises are broken and more controversy is created by the player’s agent. Mariusz Pekarski“The children of Reuben in Russia are safer than in Poland,” he announced yesterday.

“He wants to give peace to himself and his family,” Pikarsky said on the Polish portal meczyki.pl. Not for myself, but for my family. When he goes out for a few days and they are alone, the family tries to work as usual without thinking about what will happen. Remembering the story with the president of Gdansk – someone there cheated and killed (we are talking about the assassination of the mayor of Gdansk) Pavel Adamavich Live Stage 2019 – Easily).

The words of the agency Rybus have caused hyena anxiety in sports expert clubs in Poland. So the most famous sports journalist in the country Krzysztof Stanowski Sportowy wrote in a microblog from the site:

“His life, his money, OK. But let’s not talk about family safety – about such little things, because it offends the audience. If it were really about the family, he would put the stick on the first plane to leave the country before the children were brainwashed.

The sports community has asked the Polish Football Association to respond to a statement from Reuben and his agent.

The Niezalezna.pl edition explains that Rybus’s wife is Russian, and clearly, this played a key role in the player’s decision to stay in Russia. The portal addresses a similar issue – the star of the Ukrainian national team yesterday Anatoly Timoshchuk Today, all the historical ranks of the Ukrainian Football Association have been deleted. Deciding not to return to his homeland, he continued to work as a second-team coach for Russian club Zenit and said “in accordance with Russian propaganda.”

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