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Towards the end of the match, Carmello Anthony had an altercation with two spectators in the front row, one of which was the 37-year-old three-time Olympic champion “Boy!”

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Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

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Two spectators were escorted to the NBA match in Philadelphia by shouting at Los Angeles Lakers star Carmelo Anthony.

Philadelphia defeated the Lakers 105-87. In the middle of the fourth quarter, the striker Anthony sat in the front row and went to the two fans and made their claim. The audience hurried out of the hall.

Anthony, 37, later claimed that two fans shouted “boy” during the game, which was unacceptable. One of the exiled supporters shouted, “Keep throwing, my son!” He let out a loud moan. And “Go to the corner, boy.”

NBC NotesAt NBA games, front-line viewers are always warned that inappropriate behavior, gestures and comments may be removed from the hall.

Anthony spent more than 25 minutes on the court, scoring nine points, making three assists and one assist.

At LeBron James’ request, two fans were expelled from the NBA game

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Anthony is a three-time Olympic gold medalist with the American team. He had previously played for Portland, Houston, Oklahoma, the New York Cinema and Denver before moving to Lacker in August 2021.

At the end of November, Lexron James, another Laxer player, asked two spectators to be removed from the front row during a game against Indiana. After the game, James declined to elaborate on the mistakes made by the spectators, but said they were “disgusting”.


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