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The Russian invaders, together with their allies, decided to make a window dressing in the form of a “Russian World” championship, but their plan did not materialize.

Champion "The Russian world" - The best traditions of Goebbels propaganda for window dressing

The “Russian World” Championship is a window dress in the best traditions of Goebbels propaganda. Photo courtesy collage day

Every day, the Russian fascist government destroys Ukrainian football infrastructure, kills Ukrainian athletes, and destroys destiny. But for their zombie people, the invaders want to create a beautiful image in the form of the “Russian World” Champions.

This crazy idea was spread by the Crimean Football Federation Vice President Oleg Komunyar. The Russian invaders are already champions in Crimea, at its level no more than a gas station champion.

“It sounds ridiculous. In the same way, they are trying to show that there are some aspects of life in the occupied territories, that is, Russia has come – and life has improved. Wearing window dressing.

With the example of the Crimean Premier League over the past seven years, we can conclude This contest looks even more ridiculous.

First, Russia bombed our stadiums and now they are going to play football here.

First, Russia bombed our stadiums and now they are going to play football here. Photo courtesy collage day

When we completely liberate the Crescent, Zaporohai, Donetsk and Luhansk regions, they certainly do not reach football. I have no doubt that. APU does not allow them to do so.. You will not receive it on time, ”said Communiqué in an interview with Fanday.

It should be noted that no club from the occupied territories can play not only in European competitions but also in the banned Russian championship.

Remember that earlier Russia complains to FIFA In the form of the Ukrainian national team representing Crimea.


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