Vaseline Intensive Trick Pure REMOVE UNWANTED HAIR

Vaseline Intensive Trick Pure REMOVE UNWANTED HAIR

Happy winter!  When you wake up in the morning, the breeze coming through the window is so soothing and relaxing. And Diwali, my favorite holiday, is just around the corner, keeping me prepared. Coming to the current season, this is a lotion that I have been using for a long time. In the past, when I was bored, I would take a break with another lotion to help me sleep. But yeah, my HG for now. I have something new and I think it will beat it. But for now let’s know more about it 

Description of jelly products:

VASELIN® with Vaseline Healing Micro Drops
We believe healthy skin starts with deep healing moisture. In Intensive Care™ Essential Healing Lotion, we’ve combined healing microdrops of Vaseline® Vaseline with a fast-absorbing, non-greasy moisturizing formula. The result is a moisturizing cream that heals very dry skin.
Clinically proven to provide deep hydration upon first application.
Heal dry skin in 3 weeks*

  • Clinically proven after 4 weeks of daily use
    Deeply moisturizes your skin and makes it look visibly healthier
    Absorbs quickly and leaves a non-greasy feeling

My Experience with Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Oil Free Lotion:
At first I thought it might not be launched in India, but soon I saw an advertisement from Vaseline and realized that yes, they have finally brought some products from this shelf to India. There were 3-4 options but I preferred this one as my skin tends to get dry in winters. This is the only size which makes it very economical as you get a lot of lotion, but on the other hand, the pumps are a bit squishy and make the bag a mess, so it’s not ideal for travel. But it is also small.

The bottle is a cute looking plastic and is a light lemon yellow color which is refreshing and good looking. It has all its benefits written on the back of the bottle. The nozzle is the best part as the pump nozzle is very convenient to use.

The scent is refreshing and gentle at the same time; It smells powdery and smells very close to cold cream. It has a floral note but is not overpowering. It feels very pleasant and after 15-20 minutes of application the smell disappears. It’s buttery smooth and feels like a dream on my skin. It takes several pumps to cover the entire body; Therefore, it would be best to get a large size bottle.

It absorbs within 1 minute, but I like more than 1 minute because I can massage it into my skin well. It absorbs very well without leaving an oily residue behind, which is a great idea. However, the consistency is a little heavy, so if you apply too much, it can make your skin oily. It also makes the skin oily in summer. Also, it doesn’t contain any SPF, so I would limit it to winter or bedtime.

My skin is instantly hydrated by the jelly and feels so soft and smooth. My skin looks radiant after using this. In the morning, it makes you feel completely refreshed and healthy. My elbows and other areas of the skin are very dry, so I felt relief within the first week of regular use. I have used it for three weeks and I must say it does what it says. It’s a savior in winters as it makes chapped and dry skin look super healthy. Must try this season!

Benefits of Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Oil-Free Lotion:
• Very cheap and available in various sizes.
• Depending on our skin problem, we have different options to choose from.
• Perfect packaging for pump nozzles.
• Has a nice soft floral powdery scent that lingers for a while and then fades away.
• Absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t make my skin oily or greasy.
• The gel provides instant hydration to my dry skin and instantly brightens the skin.
• It is a savior for dry skin as it heals dry skin.
• It makes my skin healthy, soft and supple all over.

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