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Ukraine national team coach Oleksander Petrakov will share the latest news from the national team camp on the eve of the National League match against Ireland. Follow the press release with us!

Oleksandr Petrakov - coach of the Ukrainian national team

Oleksandr Petrakov – coach of the Ukrainian national team / Photo: UAF

Tomorrow, the Ukrainian national team will play its third league match of the 2022-2023 season. In name, the home meeting will be held at the LKS Stadium in Lodz, Poland.

Petrakov Ward beat Armenia 3-0 and lobby team B1 on Saturday.

Today, the head coach of the national team, Alexander Petrakov, and the defender of the blue and yellow, Vitaly Mikolenko, will give a pre-match press conference, which you can watch online at our website. The first is at 17’s 30 Kyiv.

Press Conference Petrakov at Loz. Watch online

The Ukrainian national team will play Ireland in the fourth round of the League Cup tomorrow, June 14, 21. Ukrainian rivals have played three matches in the current Chan competition.

In the first League of Nations match, the Irish lost 1-0 to Armenia. They then lost to Ukraine’s second team at the same point.

In the third round, however, they beat Scotland 3-0 in the “Green Green”.

Ireland are second in Group B after three games.

See how the Ukrainian national team played against Ireland in the first match of the League of Nations.


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