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Two-time NBA champion Rajon Rondo has threatened to shoot his ex-girlfriend in front of children

The incident took place during an altercation between Cleveland Cavalier Rajan Rondo and his ex-girlfriend. The court previously barred Rondon from approaching children over 150 meters

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Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Former NBA defender Rajon Rondo Ashley Bachler, a former girlfriend of Cleveland riders, has been arraigned in court to protect her and her children from basketball. According to TMZ, the incident took place after the athlete threatened her with a gun at home.

In a statement, Bachelor said the incident took place after she asked her daughter for help. Rondo, 36, was “angry” with his son while he was playing at a console at the time. They returned 15 minutes later.

He was shot three times near the NBA Draft Stadium.

Photo: Patrick McDermott / Getty Images

“He threatened me with a gun and asked me to take the children outside,” he said. “There he shouted at them and asked them why they were afraid.”

Soon the mother and father of the basketball player arrived, and they could not calm the athlete. But he himself left.

The court had previously barred Rondo from contacting the bachelor and his children at a distance of 150 meters and ordered a gun.

Rondo is a two-time NBA champion with Boston Celtics (2008) and Los Angeles Lakers (2020). He has starred four times.


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