Tokyo Olympics – 2021, swimming – world record holder Anton Chupkov abruptly ended his career at the age of 24 after losing

“I’m sorry I couldn’t.” The world record holder from Russia ended his career after losing in the Olympic Games

Andrey Shitikhin

Andrey Shitikhin

World record holder Anton Chupkov

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24-year-old world champion Anton Chupkov failed to win a medal in the crown distance. And he amazed everyone with his decision to leave the sport.

A real tragedy happened in the pool of the Tokyo Olympics.

Great Russian swimmer Anton Chupkov, who in recent years strangely tore everyone at a distance of 200 m chest, won world championships and set a world record, announced his withdrawal. In his last swim, the 24-year-old record holder could not compete for a medal in his stamp distance. And he left.

The heroic victory of the fencers pleased all of Russia.  There is another Olympic gold!
The heroic victory of the fencers pleased all of Russia. There is another Olympic gold!

Chupkov at the Tokyo Olympics did not look like Chupkov that the whole world was used to seeing. And how is he taught to see the world? A boy who, figuratively, plays the fool for about 150 meters, but in the last stretch he ignites a kind of spatial speed and moves from the last place to the first. How many times did it make the fans tighten their hearts with such tactics and how many times did we all think that such a backlog was simply impossible to regain?

And he did a real show, like he was testing his rivals – can you swim away from me? And then he still won. But in Tokyo, Anthony was not like that. No, he still swam with his tactics, he did not change anything, only he failed to penetrate in the first place. Neither in the preliminary heat, nor in the semifinals – from where he entered the top 8 with the greatest difficulty.

In the final, Chupkov almost performed a miracle. He swam the eighth with a long delay, but in the last 50 meters, as expected, ignited. The seventh, the sixth, the fifth, the fourth … And the swimming was over. Anton Chupkov was fourth.

And upon completion, he stunned everyone with an unexpected statement. He announced that he would not try for the next big tournaments, but wanted to develop further. Not in sports.

“I am sorry I could not. I have a smile on my face. I will not say anything bad. It’s a sport, what can you do. Losses must occur. I gave 100 percent. I realized I did everything I was ready for – no more, no less. It’s hard to say what went wrong. Maybe I almost faced the emotions, the emotions. But I did well along the distance and for morning swimming this result is one of the best in the world.

“Phelps vs McGregor is ridiculous, but hard to imagine”

Is Paris 2024 the next goal? Nr. The next goal is to enjoy life. To continue life, but already, perhaps, without swimming. I think it was one of my last high international beginnings. I want to start developing further. I no longer want to live in camps. I have been away from home for so many years. “I understand that this is the job of an athlete, but I want to go through and live a little differently,” Anton said after swimming.

Maybe he will return to sailing. Rest and come back. Meanwhile, I just want to say a big thank you for those fantastic emotions and victories that Anton Chupkov gave us all.

Thank you champion!

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