Tokyo 2021 Olympic Swimming (Men) – Results July 28, Russia wins a silver medal in the freestyle relay

Guys, thank you! Russia lifted the swimming baton: snatched 0.03 seconds from Australia

Andrey Shitikhin

Andrey Shitikhin

Russia - 4x200 relay silver medal for men

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And Evgeny Rylov, after a steep victory in the 100 meters backstroke, again did a feat. But already on the rabbit relay.

The Russian team won a silver medal in the 4x200m freestyle relay at the Tokyo Olympics. This relay has long been called the pride of the nation. And our swimmers proved they can be proud. They won the battle against the Australians. Won only one touch. But no one managed to fight the British team for victory.

In April, at the Russian championship in Kazan, the boys who swam 200 meters freestyle showed excellent seconds. And then it was immediately rumored that ours could aim for victory in the Olympic relay. After a beautiful victory with the relay in the European Championship, the conversation about the Olympic gold became more and more persistent. Especially since the British were left behind.

But in the early days of the Tokyo Olympics, almost everyone kicked the Russian swimming team. Like our handball players now. “Not ready”, “have you trained at all? “,” everything is as always – we are fascinating in the selection, but as races, we drown. “Yes, there was a lot of criticism. But in the middle of the swimming tournament at the 2020 Games, the Russian team showed that it was quite capable of fighting .

0.02 seconds separate Russian swimmers in the battle for gold!  Rylov and Kolesnikov - space!
0.02 seconds separate Russian swimmers in the battle for gold! Rylov and Kolesnikov – space!

Alexander Krasnykh, Mikhail Vekovishchev, Ivan Girev AND Mikhail Dovgalyuk confidently brought the Russian team to the final. And before the crucial swim, the coaches made two substitutions. But if participation Martina Malyutina nor was it discussed, then team involvement Evgenia Rylova became somewhat sensational. The day before he became the Olympic champion in the 100m backstroke and is now back to help the team.

Everyone sailed well. It’s not about seconds, but that everyone endured and did not give up. Malyutin, who initially lagged behind, simply exploded in the last 25 meters and sent Girev second. Ivan stood in the top three, and Rylov, from the outside as if caressing the water, also made a great shot in the last 25 meters and sent Dovgalyuk with an advantage over everyone else, except the British, in half a second.

“You can’t do it with a cat.” The Russian champion was forbidden to go to the awards ceremony with a happy mask

Michael had only one thing to do – be patient. And he endured. Already in the final meters, Dovgalyuk seemed to have taken an Australian, but the Russian won a touch. Silver touch. On the one hand, defeat. On the other hand, a real victory. Thanks guys!

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