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Big Russian mermaids. Our synchronized swimmers showed space in the water and won the Olympics

Yana Levkhina

Synchronized swimming teams - results

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If there’s anything unchanging in this world, it’s the victories of our synchronized swimmers. The Russians showed a masterpiece in the water again!

After the sensational defeat of the sisters Averinat due to the wild arbitration, it became scary for our synchronized swimmers. It seemed that if there was anything lasting in Russia, it was the victories in rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. In these sports for 21 years we do not know losses!

Shameless.  The judges left our artistic gymnasts without Olympic gold
Shameless. The judges left our artistic gymnasts without Olympic gold

Fortunately, the winning era of Russian mermaids is not over yet. Our synchronized swimmers showed space in the true sense of the word. The girls organized an incredible parade of planets in the water and proved once again that they have no equal.

With all the desire to give victory here, there is no one else. The Russians are inaccessible.

Shortly after the announcement of the theme of the Russian women’s program, it became clear that a masterpiece was waiting for us. “Planet Parade”. Well, who else can show the real space, if not our girls?

The Russians climbed the platform with a magnificent walk in the most beautiful swimsuits. And something unimaginable began. Higher exits, unique rises, extraordinary combinations, complete synchronization and inimitable art. What the Russians showed can not be described in words. It is in such cases that they say: better to see once than to hear a hundred times. Our synchronized swimmers, like no other, were able to convey the aesthetics of the starry sky. This is real art on the water! Here, even if you want to, you can not give victory to anyone else. Vlada Chigireva, Marina Golyadkina, Svetlana Kolesnichenko, Polina Komar, Alexandra Patskevich, Svetlana Romashina, Alla Shishkina AND Maria Shurochkina. They are inaccessible.

For their masterpiece performance, the girls received 98.8000 points. After the points were announced, they immediately rushed to embrace their coaches. Tatyana Pokrovskaya looked at her students in the same legendary pink blouse. Athletes and coaches stood in a circle, began to rejoice and embrace.

Synchronized Russian swimmers win because of
Synchronized Russian swimmers win because of the “magic potion”. Or are other signs more important?

Russian mermaids are Olympic champions again! And the great Svetlana Romashina broke her record. It is now seven times! Neither in the history of synchronized swimming, nor in the history of all Russian sports, is there a more titled athlete.

There are no significant permutations, in fact, as the free program did not happen. The silver was taken by Chinese women, who gave a technical, masterful appearance. Bronze met Ukrainian women that made the Japanese cry. Our neighbors for the first time in history received a medal in the group, leaving the ladies with nothing. And the coach of our national team Tatyana Danchenko is completely confident that Ukraine will soon move China from second place!

Either way, no one has been able to get close to our girls all these years. No other team in the world has such a level of skills and charisma. I hope this story goes on forever.

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