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People have been using salt in their homes for hundreds of years. Since it does not have any toxic effects, people have started relying on it to sterilize and clean various things around the house.
Plus, salt is cheap, there’s no reason not to use it, commercial products are full of toxic chemicals.

Salt prevents ants from spreading
If you’re looking for a natural way to keep ants away from doors, windows, and storage cabinets, you can rely on salt. You just need to sprinkle salt on the windows and other areas that the ants use to enter their home/kitchen. If you use salt in this way, your home’s humidity and moisture levels will drop in no time.

Salt acts as a natural copper, silver and brass polish
Unrefined silver, copper and/or brass ornaments tend to tarnish. However, you can use salt because it is an effective and simple solution to avoid this problem. Mix apple cider vinegar and salt and rub the surface until it shines. With this natural mixture, you will remove any dirt and stains.

Salt can act as a natural cleaner for your home and car windows
Mix well a few tablespoons of salt and a gallon of warm water, then use this mixture to clean windows and remove stains. The windows of the house should be polished and cleaned until they look natural. The good news is that the effects you get will last for a long time. By the way, this solution can be used to clean the windows of your car.

Make your sink drains shine again
Use a mixture of mixed salt and hot water directly into the kitchen or bathroom sink. Thanks to the salt, fat deposits will get rid of blockages and heavy odors.

Make your skin look younger
Use salt to create a rejuvenating bath scrub. Mix lavender essential oil or olive oil and salt and apply it on your body. You should wait a few minutes before using warm water to remove the dirt. Your skin will be rejuvenated and quickly and effectively exfoliated thanks to the salt.

Restore the color of your curtains and carpets
If you want to restore the color of your carpets and curtains and make them look like new, you can use this salt-based solution. Just take a cloth and put it in salt water (concentrated). Then wipe carpets, rugs and curtains with this soaked cloth. After using this solution, dirt and stains that are difficult to remove with commercial detergents may become a thing of the past.

Dental treatment
Put a little salt in hot water, wait a minute for the salt to dissolve, then rinse your mouth with this solution if you have a tooth or mouth sore. This is a natural mouthwash that gives excellent results.

Teeth whitening and oral health
Mix equal parts of salt and baking soda to make a teeth whitening mixture. Use it at any time of the day. Your teeth will regain their natural shine.
Improve the results of washing your clothes
Add salt to your last wash to prevent shrinkage. The best part is that it comes in handy when you want to dry your clothes on a sunny day. Your clothes will be perfectly clean and soft.

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