This Is What You Need To Get Rid Of FACIAL HAIR

This Is What You Need To Get Rid Of FACIAL HAIR

Hormonal changes can cause hair growth. It may also be genetic. If your facial hair is bothering you, follow these tips.

  1. Shaving
    Shaving is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of hair and get on with your day. Whether you’re using a disposable razor or an electric shaver, it has a blade that lifts and cuts the hair on the skin’s surface.

The shaver can work on different parts of the body, including:

bikini belt
They can also safely remove your hair:

upper lip
However, the results are not permanent or long-lasting. Your face will be free of hair for one to three days, after which you will need to shave again.

For best results, clean your face and apply soap or shaving cream. This promotes a smooth surface and reduces the chance of cuts. Slide the shaver across your face in the direction of hair growth.

This method is relatively safe, but remember that ingrown hairs can be a result of shaving. These small bumps are formed when hair grows into the skin. Ingrown hairs usually heal on their own within a few days.

  1. Decorate
    Tweezing is another effective and inexpensive way to remove facial hair. This method works a little differently than shaving. Instead of removing hair with a razor, tweezers are designed to pluck and pluck hair by the roots.

Tweezers work on any facial hair. This is especially important for eyebrow shaping. Usually, the results of peeling last longer than shaving – from three to eight weeks.

Follow these steps to shave facial hair.

Before you start, wipe your face with a warm towel to soften the skin.
Separate the hair you want to remove.
Pull the hairs one by one while holding the skin tight.
Always pull or pluck in the direction of hair growth.
The ringing can be a little uncomfortable, but it’s usually not painful. If you are in pain, you can apply ice cubes to reduce redness and inflammation.

Be sure to disinfect your oysters with alcohol before and after pulling them. Like shaving, shaving can cause hair growth.

  1. Epilation
    Epilation is another way to remove facial hair. This technique can remove hair for up to four weeks and is a better option if you’re busy and don’t want to shave all the time.

Epilators work similar to tweezers and shavers. The difference is that an epilator removes facial hair by grabbing multiple hairs at the same time and removing them from the root. Since the hair is removed from the roots, it takes a long time to grow back. Sometimes epilation can cause the hair to grow back softer and finer. The wires may become significantly smaller.

When removing hair from legs or large body parts, you can only think of an epilator. But epilators come in different sizes, so they are suitable for removing hair from all parts of the body.

There is no need to prepare your skin when using an epilator. But if you exfoliate a few days in advance, it softens the skin and reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

Once you are ready to remove hair with an epilator, follow these steps.

Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle.
Keep your skin tight. Move the epilator in the direction of hair growth.
Slide the epilator slowly over your face to avoid breaking the hair. Do not press too hard on the skin.
The process can be painful, but going slowly will reduce the discomfort. If you feel sore afterwards, apply ice cubes to the painful areas to reduce swelling and inflammation.

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