The winter swimming championship – FONAR.TV was held in Belgorod

Old “sailors” and young hardened athletes are the target of photographer Anton Vergun.

On Sunday, February 20, the winter swimming championship took place on the beach of the city of Belgorod. It brought together 76 experienced athletes from 11 to 87 years old, not only from the Belgorod region, but also from Voronezh, Bryansk, Kursk, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow. They had to swim a distance of 25 meters in a water temperature of about three degrees.

– As the oldest sea, I mean we are now moving towards the record that was at Stary Oskol. Then there were about a thousand spectators, they went to the ice, which fell below them, so be careful. I’m glad we have so many participants. “When I sailed from the Belgorod region only 35 years ago, we could not assemble a single team,” Bel.Ru news agency quoted Yury Pomelnikov, VTGRK regional adviser, as saying.

To prevent hypothermia of the participants, the organizers envisioned herbal tea, bagels and biscuits, as well as the task of rescuers and doctors.

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