The Russian woman set a world record for swimming under the ice – details, video

“I calmed down and dived.” Russian swimsuit woman made a record swim under the ice

Andrey Shitikhin

Andrey Shitikhin

Ekaterina Nekrasova

Ekaterina Nekrasova set a world record for swimming in ice water. She did not even need to flip. Impressive!

Moscow Ekaterina Nekrasova set an amazing world record on Lake Baikal. She swam under the ice with a regular 85 meter swimsuit. Ekaterina did without feathers and a wet suit, and after swimming she announced that the next achievement was a hundred meters.

Why is she doing this too?

“I live near the forest”

Nekrasova became interested in swimming in icy water after reading the book.

“It all started with the fact that I read Porfiry Ivanov’s book ‘Baby’ – it motivated me. I live near the forest, there are some ice holes – I’m not too lazy to run towards them and swim,” Nekrasova said in an interview with RIAMO.

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At first she just swam, and then she started swimming certain distances. She passed a special hardening school, developed cold endurance. At first, Nekrasova swam in the water, though icy. In races in Murmansk, she swam a mile in 22 minutes in a swimsuit.

And then she became interested in underwater swimming (or rather, even under ice), started training the ability to hold her breath. Thus she jumped to the world record among women, which was 70 meters.

“I was not afraid at all”

It takes more than a minute to swim such a distance underwater. And all this time a person is under ice.

In the case of Ekaterina Nekrasova, under the 25 cm thick ice of Lake Baikal. To set a record, ice holes were made at a certain distance – this is ice water, anything can happen with a potential record holder and accompanying people.

Also, a rope was stretched on special fasteners so that the athlete did not lose. But the attempt to set a record had to be postponed for a day, as on the scheduled date a terrible wind blew, which also interfered with the hardened people.

Nekrasova made everything clear: she dived into one hole and came out into another, swimming 85 meters under the ice. Impressive! The air temperature dropped to a record 22 degrees below zero on the day, the water temperature was close to freezing – only +0.02 degrees.

“I did not feel scared at all – it’s hard to scare me. There was only excitement before the competition and fear that swimming could go badly because of the weather, but everything worked. When I entered the water, I calmed down immediately and dived calmly.” , said the young record holder.

She was accompanied by free diver Dmitry Sokolov, who swam in wet clothes and feathers and secured the athlete, as well as filmed the entire swim on camera. Surprisingly, he also held his breath throughout the filming, like Ekaterina Nekrasova.

The next goal is one hundred meters

Insurance in such cases is simply necessary, as there is a high risk of loss of consciousness from lack of oxygen. Usually these are some people, one of whom accompanies the swimmer, while the rest are in service with wet clothes near the ice holes.

As Nekrasova said, she never lost consciousness under the ice, but it happened underwater in the pool.

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She prepared for the record for four months. But why?

“I knew the women set a Guinness World Record by diving under the ice. A few years ago I managed to swim 50 meters, it did not seem difficult to me. And I was excited about this idea because I am a determined person, “Ekaterina explained.

Her next goal is to swim 100 meters. She certainly will. Can anything stop a woman who runs 100 km, participates in triathlon and skiing 50 km?

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