The Russian diving team won the World Championship

In Tomsk have begun the beginnings of the planet profile in swimming with fins.

Tchaikovsky's anthem: Russian diving team wins World Championship
Diving. Photo:

From July 3 to July 13, in the capital of the Tomsk region, according to the Zvezdny water sports center, the biggest underwater sports competitions were held – the World Fin Swimming Championships, the World Diving Championships and the university fin swimming competitions. .

These beginnings, like many others, were supposed to take place in 2020, but for obvious reasons were postponed a year later. Among the participants of the Finswimming World Championship were representatives of three dozen countries from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America – almost 400 of the strongest athletes in the world, reports

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The Russian team, consisting of 34 submarines, became first in the overall medal standings at the start of the World Cup, defeating Hungary and China. The wealth of local swimmers turned out to be 28 medals, of which 12 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze. The Hungarians have half the coveted prices – 14, and the Chinese team – 13.

Alena Parshina from Tomsk became the world vice-champion in the 50-meter featherweight, losing to Chinese swimmer Hu Yaoyao. Among the Russians in the same discipline, Vladimir Zhuravlev from Novosibirsk stood out – he became the bronze medalist of the beginnings.

In total, Alena Parshina and her colleague Alexandra Skurlatova brought the team five medals, two of which were of the highest standard. Thanks to this, swimmers got the right to compete in the World Games, which will be held in Birmingham (USA) next year. Another first place in the distance of 400 meters in swimming with fins was taken by Maria Patlasova.

True, the winners of the Championship, alas, failed to hear the Russian anthem – WADA sanctions continue to apply to national symbols until December 16, 2022. Therefore, on the pedestal, swimmers heard an excerpt of P. Tchaikovsky’s concert.


At the World Diving Championships, the Russians also excelled quite well. On the last day of the race, Krasnoyarsk resident Sergey Volkov became the two-time silver medalist – in the combined 300-meter swim and in the mixed 100-meter doubles hurdles, reports the City News portal.

“It was not possible to fully implement the plans, there was not enough luck. Two silverware are also the result. I went here, of course, with the mindset of winning. “The championship takes place in Russia and here the responsibility is felt even more than abroad”, said Volkov after the final.

Diving. Photo: Global look Press

It should be noted that the current world diving championship in Russia is the third in a row for our country. In 2009 it was hosted by St. Petersburg, in 2013 by Kazan.

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