The Perm Territory Swimming Championship ended in Perm




Photo: Vladimir Gorshkov

As part of the “Uralchem” charity program for sport, the “PMU” branch supported the holding of the Perm Territory Swimming Championship. The races took place on September 6 and 7 at the Olympia sports complex. More than 120 athletes in 15 teams came to the tournament from nine territories of the region.

The championship was attended by men born in 2006 and older, as well as women born in 2008 and older, having a category no lower than the 3rd sport. The fight unfolded in individual program types at distances from 50 to 1500 meters. For the two days of the competition 32 prize sets were played.

Aleksey Averyanov, director of the PMU branch of JSC UCC Uralchem, president of the NGO Swimming Federation of the Perm Territory:

– This is our first calendar race of the 2021-2022 season. Of course after the summer holidays, coaches and athletes find it difficult to develop any championships. Also, due to the pandemic, we are forced to abandon the presence of spectators and the ceremonial assembly. But these restrictions should not interfere with us. It is important to develop qualifying events so that athletes can show their form and qualify for top-level competitions.

The leaders of the competition in terms of the number of gold medals were: Vladislav Tretyakov (Perm), Diana Fedorocheva (Perm), Polina Anikina (Perm) – 4 gold medals each; Ilya Lyapin (Perm) – 3 gold medals.

Daniil Shishlov, Master Candidate of Sport, Dolphin Swimming Pool (Krasnokamsk), winner of the 400 m freestyle competition:

“I have been swimming since I was four years old. I am now 15. In swimming I like to win and win awards, it is a very pleasant feeling. We have to swim for a long time: an hour, two. Therefore, the main thing is to have patience and endurance. It is also important to properly distribute the forces in order to give your best in the end. My next goal is to go to an open water swimming competition in Anapa and get into the top 6 there. This will ensure that I join the Russian national open water swimming team. I got there for the first time two years ago, but you have to confirm your result every time. Another goal is to meet the master standard at the Volga District Federal Championship.

Ksenia Maksimova, Master Candidate of Sports, Dolphin Swimming Pool (Krasnokamsk), winner of 400m and 800m freestyle competitions:

– I like to swim long distances. I can rest, think about something. And in the short ones, there just is no time for that, you have to accelerate right away, get to work. This year, in the competitions in Volgograd at a distance of 1500 meters crawl, I almost met the standard of a master of sports. I was only 27 seconds short. Therefore, in September, at the Volga District Federal Championship in Saransk, I really hope that I will be able to achieve this goal.

The Perm Territory Swimming Championship was organized by the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Perm Territory, the NGO of the Perm Territory Swimming Federation, the Perm Territory Sports Training Center and the Olimpiya Sports Complex.

The gold medals of the championship were won by:

50 m (freestyle) – Vladislav Tretyakov (Perm), Diana Fedorocheva (Perm)

100 m (freestyle) – Yuri Ershov (Perm), Elizaveta Sinyukova (Perm)

200 m (freestyle) – Vladislav Tretyakov (Perm), Elizaveta Sinyukova (Perm)

400 m (freestyle) – Daniil Shishlov (Krasnokamsk), Ksenia Maksimova (Krasnokamsk)

800 m (freestyle) – Ksenia Maksimova (Krasnokamsk)

1500 m (freestyle) – Dmitry Melnikov (Berezniki)

50 m (back) – Vladislav Tretyakov (Perm), Diana Fedorocheva (Perm)

100 m (back) – Dmitry Martyn (Berezniki), Diana Fedorocheva (Perm)

200 m (back) – Artyom Kolyshkin (Perm), Anna Maslennikova (Perm)

50 m (chest kick) – Ilya Lyapin (Perm), Polina Anikina (Perm)

100 m (chest kick) – Ilya Lyapin (Perm), Polina Anikina (Perm)

200 m (chest kick) – Ilya Lyapin (Perm), Polina Anikina (Perm)

50 m (butterfly) – Svyatoslav Sukhanov (Perm), Diana Fedorocheva (Perm)

100 m (butterfly) – Daniil Demin (Perm), Alexandra Tveretinova (Berezniki)

200 m (butterfly) – Denis Solovyov (Berezniki), Alexandra Tveretinova (Berezniki)

200 m (mix) – Vladislav Tretyakov (Perm), Polina Anikina (Perm)

400 m (mix) – Danil Volozhanin (Berezniki), Olesya Stratulat (Perm)

according to the press service

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