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An animal rights activist tried to hang herself on the floor during an NBA game.

A Minnesota animal rights activist ran to court in the middle of a game over chicken pox.

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Photo by David Barding / Getty Images

Photo by David Barding / Getty Images

The game between the NBA teams between Minnesota and the Los Angeles Clips was interrupted by an animal rights activist protesting against sticking to the floor, Yahoo Sport reported.

The match was played in Minneapolis and ended with a score of 109 ፡ 104.

In the second quarter, the activist ran to court and was caught on the ground, but the arena staff quickly removed her from the court and corrected her.

Video: Bleacher Report

The incident was linked to the destruction of several chickens by bird flu on a farm owned by Minnesota owner Glen Taylor.

The woman was wearing a T-shirt that said, “Glenn Taylor roasted animals alive.”


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