The NBA has announced the best teams of the season

The National Basketball Association has selected the best players for the 2021/22 regular season. This was reported on the NBA official website.

The five are said to have been selected by a commission of 100 sports observers and television presenters.

The five include Denver Augs center-back Nicola Jocci, Milwaukee Books forward Gianis Antetocounpo, Dallas Mavericks goalkeeper Luca Doncinsich, Phoenix Suns goalkeeper Davine Bucker and Boston Celtics’ junior striker Jason Tatum.

It should be noted that for the first time since the 1954/55 season, there were five under-28 players. Jocich was also named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the second consecutive season following the regular season results.

The second five are Joel Imbid of the Philadelphia 76ers, Memphis Grislis Ja Morant, Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry and Chicago Bulls Demar Derozan.

The third five were Los Angeles Lakers forward Lebron James James, Minnesota Timberwalls center Karl-Anthony Towns, Phoenix Sun Chris Paul, Atlanta Hawks Tray Young and Toronto Raptors Pascal.


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