The NBA admitted the referees’ mistake at the end of the game: “Denver” – “The Golden State” – basketball

The NBA released the official record for the last two minutes of the first leg of the quarter-final tie between Golden State and Denver (121 ፡ 126, 3-1).

According to the report, 42.2 seconds before the end of the match, the referees mistakenly called. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail.

Clay Thompson missed three points from a corner in 121 1, and Andrew Wiggins did not find the back of the net. Otto Porter and Monte Morris are off the field due to speeding after the ball. The referees ruled that Porter was the last person to touch the ball, but on Monday the NBA passed the ball to Morris and the fighters kept the ball.

In the next attack, Morris scored 2 points to take the Nuggets’ lead (123 ፡ 121). The Warriors then lost and Will Barton hit a 3-point lead to secure Denver’s 126-121 victory.

NBA found two more fouls in the final two minutes of the match. The judges did not see Stephen Kerry in the race and did not blame Austin Rivers for the same attack, which was called a mistake.

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