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The Los Angeles Clips have made the biggest NBA comeback since 2009

The Los Angeles Clippers have beaten the Washington Whites by 35 points, the biggest return trip in NBA history since 2009.

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Los Angeles Clips Basketball Players

Los Angeles Clips Basketball Players

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The Los Angeles Clips have returned the biggest win in the NBA since 2009 against the Wizards of Washington.

On Tuesday, the Clippers lost to Washington by 116 points 115 (23 in 32, 15 in 34, 40 in 27, 40 in 22). The last such return was made by Sacramento Kings basketball players in December 2009 against the Chicago Bulls.

Clip points out that the injured two team leaders are back in the absence of Cauhi Leonard and Paul George.

In the absence of Leonard and George, the Los Angeles team lost to Luke Kennard, who scored 25 points. At the same time, at the end of the meeting, Kennard made two consecutive three-pointers and was fouled and converted one free kick 1.9 seconds before the final whistle. This point was a winner for Clips.

Clips became the first team in the NBA to score 3 points in 25 years with over 24 points.

The Clippers have continued their winning streak this season with 24 wins from 25 defeats. The Los Angeles team is currently ninth in the NBA Western Conference.


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