Swimming, European Championship – 2021: Russian team stripped of silver medals after rival protest

Russian swimmers were stripped of their medals after Poles protested. It’s very embarrassing, but it’s okay.

Andrey Shitikhin

Andrey Shitikhin

Russian swimmers are stripped of their medals at the 2021 European Championships

The Russian national team was punished for violating the rules in the European Championship at home. At first, no one noticed.

The European Short Swimming Championships in Kazan after the Tokyo Olympics, among other sporting events, were held daily. Victories, medals and even individual records are all delightful, but the average layman, who is only interested in swimming once every two or even four years, lacked a topic for discussion.

And noise, here it is: the medals already given for the relay were taken away from the Russian team. Even after a protest by the Polish delegation. Very embarrassing, of course. But that’s all business.

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Russian swimmers stripped of silver on mixed relay at European Championships

Did you get to the silver?

In the 4×50 m mixed relay, Vladimir Morozov, Kliment Kolesnikov, Arina Surkova and Maria Kameneva declared for the Russian team. In this lineup, the team fought for medals and shared second place with the Italian team, showing exactly the same time. The strongest in this kind of program was the Dutch team.

On the same day, November 6, the awards ceremony took place. Russian athletes won silver (along with Italians), Dutch – gold. But most important was the one who took fourth place in the relay. The Polish team did not reach the medals in the pool, despite the national record. The Poles were only 0.06 seconds away.

But she intervened in their distribution not only after the completion, but also after the award ceremony.

Now turn it on!

As it turned out, our athletes messed up the order of the stages. It is in mathematics that sum does not change from a change in terms of terms, but in sports it does not change much.

Overall, the Poles noticed a mistake on the part of the Russian team, staged a protest and he, of course, was pleased. The rules are broken. But it sounds ominous: Russian swimmers were stripped of their medals.

“The disqualification occurred due to the violation of the declared order of placement in the relay. “One of the participants made a mistake, I think it was against the background of hypertension,” Vladimir Salnikov, president of the All-Russian Swimming Federation, told Match TV.

The head coach of the Russian national team, Sergei Chepik, added that this was a technical error for which the athletes paid. In the most hurtful way.

In swimming, such situations can not be called meaningless. Yes, and in other sports where there are relay races. It will be a lesson for the future. And the representative of the Polish team, who noticed a mistake in the Russian team, did his job brilliantly: his attention brought good prize money for the athletes, because medals in official tournaments are paid in all countries. Ours, for example, could get 89,600 rubles for silver.

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