Svetlana Romashina left the national team in synchronized swimming

The Olympic champion left the team.

The only master class in the world and a new national team: The Russian Synchronized Swimming Championship ended in Kazan
Svetlana Romashina. Photo: social networks

The seventh Russian synchronized swimming championship ended in Kazan. The strongest swimmers from different parts of the country competed in the event from 18 to 22 April. The titled athletes of Russia and the world Svetlana Kolesnichenko, Varvara Subbotina, Alexander Maltsev, Maya Gurbanberdieva, Olesya Platonova appeared before the participants as honorary guests.

Not without appearing in front of the athletes, who are still ahead, the prominent synchronized swimmer of our time Svetlana Romashina. The 32-year-old “Amphibian” showed the young swimmers a master class, as well as talked to them and signed autographs for everyone.

“I want synchronized swimming to take place in the regions. I like how it develops here – in Kazan, in Tatarstan. I would like other regions to develop, for this we need swimming pools and infrastructure. This is a very beautiful sport. I admit, I once thought that this is a sport for women, but thanks to the boys who come to synchronized swimming, it develops and gets an impetus “, quotes the sports star on the official website of the Synchronized Swimming Federation.

In the championship it was announced that the composition of the national synchronized swimming team has changed. Svetlana Romashina, unfortunately for the sport, did not get into it – now the only owner in the world of seven Olympic gold medals has decided to focus on her family. But she did not rule out returning to the sport.

Svetlana Romashina. Photo: Global Look Press

Also, former synchronized swimming stars Vlada Chigireva, Marina Golyadkina, Polina Komar, Alexandra Patskevich, Alla Shishkina and Maria Shurochkina, who shone at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, left the team. Of the elderly, only Svetlana Kolesnichenko and Varvara Subbotina remained. The final list of synchronized swimmers included in the Russian team will be known in the near future.

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