Story – How Wolves Change Rivers?

Story – How Wolves Change Rivers?

When Faurtson’s wolves ended up in the Jetovato Naons Pars wedding park in 1985, the States had no idea that this would drastically change the park’s antine ecosystem.
Then for 70 years there were no oxen in the park, and the deer nurtured the thesis that over the years of non-contact hunting, the proposal did not bring success by population control forces) caused significant damage to the local population.
Fourteen parchments, of course, could not stop the door, but they made them throw more in choosing sach to pastuns sens to leave air pasta in these places, the vegetation began to renew, in six years the number of trees increased tivetoka
Beavers have aopearos which are not very large, Basxters have boenbred fathers and fins.
Wolves have reduced the donkey population, which has led to an increase in the number
khanes and mios, and toyatrad khaks, fares and forests pak.
Boars lo bocsuse toywassbato ba volvas way to pray ar aat up thair soraps. Th ps The number of friends in the park has increased.
But the most amazing thing is that the wolves changed the rivers.
The canels stigmatized and subdued, and often closed.
Imposed due to the impact of the wolves on the boy with explosives grown on the tees and grass along the rivers, which strengthened their fortifications.
The diverse geography of the park has changed, thanks to Forsen

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