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Fans of St. Etienne Football Club were furious that their beloved team had been relegated from the top flight.

St. Etienne fans are outraged by the relegation.

St. Etienne fans are outraged by the relegation. Photo courtesy collage day

Participants in the upcoming European Championships have been announced. In the French Ligue 1, Toulouse and Ajaxio were promoted, while St Etienne (18th in Ligue 1) and Aussie (Ligue 2 3) had to play elsewhere.

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Both matches ended in a 1-1 draw. The fate of the trip was decided by a free kick, thus making the Oxygen players more accurate.

League 1. Game of Thrones

St. Etienne – Oxygen – 1: 1 (Penalty – 4: 5)

Goals Kamara, 76 – Sahi, 51

After the final whistle, the Oxygen players began to celebrate their return to the club. St. Etienne’s supporters rushed to the field and attacked the players.

Angered by the loss of their loved ones, supporters hurled fireworks at protesters and police in an attempt to quell the unrest.

Law enforcement agencies are forced to use tear gas in violation. Finally, the police stopped their madness and drove their supporters off the field. French firefighters set fire to seats in the stands.

St. Etienne, along with us, has played in the French Professional Championship for 18 years. But Akshire returned to League 1 ten years later.

Remember that there was a riot at the entrance of the Park de Prince Stadium during the Champions League final in Paris. The Liverpool-Real match was delayed by 35 minutes due to a false ticket from Merseyside fans.

Liverpool fans shocked by police action

Liverpool fans shocked by police action / Photo: Reuters, Collage: Today


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