Russia bans football – Iran refuses to play Russia – Football News

Iran’s national team does not want to join a country that is ignored by the entire civilized world.

Iran does not want to play Russia

Iran does not want to play Russia

Russian football is gradually alienating itself from the civilized world and forgetting international matches. UEFA does not allow clubs from the Russian Federation to participate in European competitions.

The domestic team will also remain without a game. She was barred from running in the 2022 World Cup in March and most recently was denied the right to play in the League of Nations. He is also in question for the Euro 2024 election, which begins next spring.

Meanwhile, local football officials are trying to bring at least one “victory” for their team. In March, the Russian team played their second match against Sparting.

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And in September, RFU plans to host a friendly match with the Iranian national team. However, even the Islamic Republic sent three Nazi letters.

“Playing friendly against Russia in our country is not part of the federation’s plan. This information is not true.”“, – Announced Iranian Football Federation Press Officer Muhammad Jamad.

Remember Iran’s entry into the 2022 World Cup could have been Ukraine’s rival. It is true that our team lost in the playoffs in Wales. Wales will now play Iran in the group stage as well as England and USA.


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