What is Abdominoplasty?
Abdominoplasty is a surgery to remove excess skin and fat accumulated after pregnancy, obesity and aging.
Am I a candidate for abdominal surgery?
The individual must be healthy, have no active disease, no serious preexisting conditions, and be realistically awaiting the results of the surgery.

This is a surgery that requires patience and perseverance to get through the recovery period. After surgery, sometimes drowsiness and depression appear, and if emotional problems have already arisen, this small period can turn into a more serious problem. Consider this before doing the procedure. If the above describes you and you want to get rid of sagging skin around your abdomen, you may be a good candidate for abdominoplasty.

Women often have this surgery after pregnancy, but it is recommended to wait until after having a baby because of the risk of the skin and muscles stretching again and the newly stretched skin not being able to withstand another pregnancy. .

Also, if you plan to lose weight, wait until you reach your desired weight.
What is Dynamic Wrinkle?
Doctors call them dynamic wrinkles. Everyone else calls them smile lines and frown lines. Whatever you call them, they are the most problematic of all wrinkles and the most difficult to treat. These are our crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines and lip lines. Every time we smile, laugh, or frown, our skin gets the same creases and folds, so they develop. Our skin “remembers” those wrinkles after repeated exposure to them, even if they’re not there. These wrinkles can be improved with laser resurfacing, skin peels, deep peels, botox, and fillers. However, even if these treatments can eliminate your dynamic wrinkles, you will still be making the same facial expressions that caused the original wrinkles. Interestingly, if you’ve ever seen someone with paralysis on one side of their face, you’ve probably noticed that the paralyzed side looks younger. They don’t move that side of the face, so there are no dynamic wrinkles.
What is fine line?
Fine wrinkles form on dry crepe paper (usually on the cheeks). These wrinkles are superficial and can be removed with skin care, micro-peeling and other simple treatments. (See table).
What are skin folds?
Vertebral wrinkles are wrinkles that appear at the corners of the nose, around the mouth, and up to the chin. They look like big brackets around our mouths. They are caused by skin folds (called nasolabial folds by doctors) due to sagging cheeks. These wrinkles are caused by sagging skin, so skin tightening is the only way to get rid of them. Look in the mirror as you pull your cheekbones toward your ears. You will see a dramatic improvement in the nasolabial folds and skin folds.
How does wrinkle treatment work?
Chemical peels, lasers, dermabrasion, and skin care all work on the same principle. But to understand them, you must first know a little about your skin.
Your skin is made up of damaged surface cells and healthy deeper cells. Every day, your old superficial cells die and are shed and replaced by younger cells. When a baby is born, new skin cells last about 30 days. At age 60, this process takes about 60 days. Therefore, with age, the surface cells of the skin become old, and with age, the face becomes dull and lifeless.

Each of the above treatments will gently remove and exfoliate your old damaged superficial skin cells. This allows healthy deep cells to surface while they are young and fresh. Each of these treatments help organize and accelerate skin transformation and restore youthful skin. As a result, you will see some or all improvement in the appearance of enlarged pores, discoloration, roughness, discoloration, fine lines, acne scars, dynamic wrinkles, and discoloration. (Fillers and Botox are regulated by other principles).

Despite the similarities, each treatment works slightly differently, resulting in different levels of improvement. No treatment can solve all problems. In general, more intensive treatment provides greater improvement, but recovery takes longer. To optimize their results, many people use two additional treatments, such as laser resurfacing and Botox injections.
When is abdominoplasty usually performed?

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