At work, sleeping or in the pool: your armpits have to endure a lot. There are many reasons why your armpits sweat easily, including deodorant, friction, or chlorinated water. That’s why it’s important to find the right hair removal method to protect your sensitive skin.

But what is the gentlest way to remove armpit hair? Whether you’re thinking about shaving, waxing, or waxing your armpits, here’s how to use the different methods correctly and which ones are more gentle than irritating.
Shave underarm hair to prevent irritation. Is this possible?

This is it! Electric shaver only. You should say goodbye to your manual razor – its exposed blade makes it easy to cut uneven areas like your armpits. However, the SatinShave Advanced electric shaver has a rounded tip behind the shaving foil so it glides smoothly over the skin.

Shaving armpit hair – the most important tips:

Always make sure the razor is in full contact with the skin for a smooth shave
You can use SatinShave Advanced in the shower, and wet shaving is a skin-friendly alternative.
To shave your armpits, raise your arms and place your hands behind your head to stretch your armpits. Move the shaver slowly against the hair growth. With SatinShave, you can shave in both directions. So you don’t need to turn around before changing direction.
Armpit waxing, sugaring or epilation: is the pain worth it?

As women, we are often willing to go the extra mile when it comes to getting rid of underarm hair. But should you remove your armpit hair with sugar or wax? They remove hair from the roots. These methods are painful because they are removed in one motion. They can also have a negative effect on the skin.

Armpit hair removal is best done with an epilator such as Satinelle Prestige, as it removes hair quickly and effectively, reducing the unpleasant pulling sensation. It can hold even the finest hair, four times shorter than wax. This way, you can enjoy smooth underarms for two to three weeks.

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