Sept. 16, 2005 — Non-academic stress helps keep students awake during sleep-inducing lectures.

Applying pressure to acupressure points during class can increase alertness in people who have to sit in class all day, such as college and medical students, new research shows.

Researchers found that students who attended a full day of lectures were more sleepy than those who focused on acupressure points on their feet, hands, feet, and head and performed self-acupressure.

“Our findings show that acupressure can change the alertness of people sitting in the classroom throughout the day, which could be great news for students who have trouble staying alert at school,” said University researcher Richard E. Harris. Dr. Richard E. According to a news release from the Michigan Health System Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center.

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In a study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers believe that the effects of pressing on the points can lead to relaxation or stimulation similar to acupressure techniques.

39 students attended full-day lectures over three days.

Acupressure trigger points are:

Top of the head
Upper back of neck on both sides
On the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger
Below both knees
On the bottom of the foot — in the center just below the ball of the foot
Acupressure relaxation points are:

Between the eyebrows
Just behind the earlobe
On the front of the wrist
On the lower leg, from the ankle up, towards the midline
On the top of the foot between the big toe and the second toe
These points include exercises such as light tapping with the fingers and massaging with the thumb or forefinger.

Half of the students received stimulation acupressure at lunchtime on the first day of school, followed by relaxation for two days, while the other half followed the reverse schedule.

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