persistent tinnitus treatment

persistent tinnitus treatment

Ringing in the ears is the sensation of buzzing, whistling, screeching, or other sounds inside the ear. It can be intermittent or continuous and varies in severity from person to person.

Here are some ways to treat persistent tinnitus.

Treatment for persistent tinnitus depending on the cause
Initially, the cause of persistent tinnitus is determined, and these causes include:

Earwax accumulation: treated by a doctor with special products, and the ear is washed with warm water.
Otitis media: An ear infection is treated with antibiotics and hydrocortisone drops to relieve itching.
Rare cases of tumors: cysts or otosclerosis are treated surgically.
Temporomandibular joint dysfunction: treatment is carried out with a referral to a dentist who specializes in the treatment of these cases.
Taking certain medications: Tinnitus can be a side effect of certain medications, and they should be stopped or replaced.
But in some cases, tinnitus persists despite the use of treatments. In this case, persistent tinnitus cannot be effectively treated, but some devices and methods are used to alleviate tinnitus.

Treatment methods for tinnitus
Here are the most well-known remedies and medicines used to treat persistent tinnitus:

  1. Tinnitus Reduction Devices
    To treat persistent tinnitus, doctors resort to using some electronic devices that help reduce persistent tinnitus, including:

white noise machine
The principle behind these machines is to make quiet, nature-like sounds that can help reduce persistent tinnitus and help you fall asleep.

medical ear headphones
Hearing aids can play a role if tinnitus is associated with hearing problems.

Invisible devices for tinnitus
Hearing aids are hearing aids that are inserted into the ear and make soft, continuous sounds to relieve persistent tinnitus.

  1. Medications for persistent tinnitus
    Medications don’t actually treat persistent tinnitus, but they can help relieve it. Sedatives, antidepressants, and stress medications can sometimes be used, especially in severe cases of persistent tinnitus.

The hormone misoprostol has also been shown to be helpful in some cases of persistent tinnitus.

  1. Other ways to relieve persistent tinnitus
    Constant tinnitus can be alleviated by following these tips:

Avoid anything that aggravates tinnitus symptoms, such as loud noises or drinks that affect blood pressure and can increase tinnitus, such as caffeine or smoking.
Avoid total silence and try listening to quiet music, fans or air conditioning, for example, while you sleep.
Avoid stress, as stress exacerbates the symptoms of persistent tinnitus, which can be avoided by exercising, meditating, and relaxing.
Avoid drinking alcohol, as alcohol dilates the blood vessels in the head and thus increases blood flow, especially in the ear, and thus increases persistent tinnitus.
Some herbs and natural methods are resorted to, but you should consult your doctor before using any of them, such as: acupuncture, magnetic brain stimulation, kunja biloba plant extracts, or dietary supplements such as zinc tablets and vitamin B.

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