Olympic swimming champion Yevgeny Rylov showed off his training

The athlete filmed his swim.

Evgeny Rylov. Photo: Global Look Press

25-year-old Russian swimmer Evgeny Rylov shared on Instagram his footage from the training. The two-time 2020 Olympic champion decided to honestly admit that he is not perfect on the track, and sometimes even stutters in training, making mistakes.

Rylov shared a video in which he was caught in the pool. The swimmer edited it from different angles and admitted:

“I am always strict with myself and here I have accumulated the most unsuccessful and shameful blows! What do you think of my swimming? “

The fans carefully studied the images of the champion and gave him feedback in the comments: “It would be very bad for me to swim”, “I thought it was the best”, “Zhenya, you are our pride. My son looks at you” “It’s hard to criticize the Olympic champion’s technique. But everyone has flaws. And that’s the norm,” “Yes… a kind of nightmare! Where would anyone learn to swim so terribly! Seriously, this is an unattainable level for me “,” The most modest Olympic champion! “,” The case when your unsuccessful shots are surely someone’s best! Swim, swim, big turtle “.

Evgeny Rylov. Photo: instagram.com/evgesh.rylov2396/

Where exactly and what mistakes Rylov made in the video, fans just did not see. The task from the Olympic champion turned out to be very difficult for his subscribers.

Recall that in 2021 Evgeny Rylov shone at the Olympic Games – 2020 in Tokyo (due to the coronavirus pandemic, the beginnings were delayed for a whole year). Russia became the first domestic athlete to win “gold” in the major beginnings of the planet twice in the 21st century, and also became runner-up.

Evgeny Rylov at the Tokyo Olympics. Photo: Global Look Press

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