Olympic champion Alexander Popov to come to Petrozavodsk for World Winter Swimming Championships

Alexander Popov, 4 times Olympic champion, 6 times world champion, 21 times European champion, multiple world and European holder, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1992), knight and honorary member of the International Olympic Committee, this was announced by the head coach of the Russian national winter swimming team Igor Lukin.

“Alexandri will attend the opening ceremony of the competition, hold an open lesson with swimmers from Karelia and also give some starts at a distance of 100 meters freestyle,” Lukin specified.

The Russian winter swimming championship started in Petrozavodsk.  A photo: "The Republic" / Lilia Konchakova

The Russian winter swimming championship started in Petrozavodsk. Photo: Respublika / Liliya Konchakova

Recall that the organizing committee of the World Winter Swimming Championships, which will be held in Karelia at the end of March 2022, received a full set of gold, silver and bronze medals for all swimming disciplines and all age groups.

More than 250 sets of medals will be played during the five-day race on the icy water of Lake Onega in central Petrozavodsk. Registration for the competition continues. More than 150 athletes from 18 countries have already confirmed their participation.

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