No NBA players. Ukraine national football team unveiled for 2023 World Cup qualifiers

The Ukrainian men’s team is holding its first training camp in Riga as it prepares for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers. Our team will play Georgia (July 1) and Spain (July 7) in the Latvian capital, and on July 4, we will face Northern Macedonia on the road.

The national team is training with 14 players in Latvia.

Ukrainian team collection;
Ilya Sidorov
Vitaly Zotov
Alexander Kovlyar
Ilia Tyrtyshnik
Pavel Crutus
Anatoly Shundeel
Andre Vyanevich
Ivan Takenko
Artem Kovalev
Sergei Pavlov
Igor Sergeev
Vyacheslav Bobrov
Vyacheslav Kravtsov
Dmitry Scapinsev

Also invited to the national team are Issue Sanon, Artem į¨‘stovoi, Alexander Mishula, Dennis Lukashov, Alexander Lipovoi and Vyacheslav Petrov.

According to national team manager Andre Lebededev, there is still a question mark over whether he will be part of the national team for Bogdan Blissnuk, Jerome Randl, Alexei Lane and Sviatolav Mikhailoluk.

In preparation for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers, the Ukrainian national team will train in Latvia until June 11 and then in Italy from June 11 to 22, with a training camp in Portugal from June 22 to 26. .

As part of the training camp in Portugal, our team will play two control matches against the Portuguese national team and Slovakia.

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