Nike founder, Portland NBA Club wants to buy it for $ 2 billion

Nike founder Phil Knight has donated more than $ 2 billion to the Portland Trailer Blazers, ESPN reports.

Knight He resigned in 2016 as Nike chairman and CEO. The billionaire is a native of Portland. The 84-year-old Knight has a close relationship with his hometown and he and Nike have helped Oregon University for many years, including in sports development. Knight is now seeking a franchise from the Paul Allen Foundation to keep him in Portland. A.D. After the death of Paul Allen in 2018, the Foundation is led by his sister Jodi.

A club spokesman confirmed to ESPN that he had received a request from Knight, but said: “The club is still not selling.

Meanwhile, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said last week that the Blazers had to sell “for a limited time” but that a deadline had not been set. Last year, Forbes spent 2.0 2.05 billion on France.

If the Blazers sell for their advertising value, it will be the third largest franchise sale in NBA history. A.D. In 2017, the Houston Rockets traded ownership for $ 2.2 billion, and two years later Mikhail Prokohorov sold the Brooklyn Net for $ 3.2 billion.


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