Never Drink The Water From Your Nightstand Here Is The Reason

Never Drink The Water From Your Nightstand Here Is The Reason

Many people have a habit of drinking water as soon as they wake up in the morning. Your parents must have said that you are very healthy.

If you have this weird habit, you’ve probably noticed that your water tastes weird.

Foods contain sugars and proteins that can easily be contaminated by microorganisms. Even though plain water doesn’t contain these nutrients, it doesn’t explain what’s causing the strange taste in the water that’s been standing on your nightstand by your bed.

However, a lot of dust and bacteria accumulate in that cup of water. When water is exposed to air, it absorbs carbon dioxide and a small portion of the CO2 is converted to carbonic acid, which means that water exposed to air changes its chemical composition. Therefore, when carbonic acid releases one or two protons and converts to carbonate or bicarbonate, the pH of the water decreases and the taste changes.

The water is actually not that bad, but after standing in the bedroom all night collecting germs and dust from the air, the taste has definitely changed.

After reading this, you will definitely think twice whether to drink it or not.

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