NBA has released a great video for the league’s 75th anniversary. In three minutes you will be filled with history, jokes and lots of references – don’t play basketball – blogs

Michael Jordan is no longer the same.

The new NBA season will begin on the evening of October 19-20, and the association is doing everything possible to emphasize that it will be unique. After all, the next championship will be the 75th in a row!

And before the start of the regular season, the league even presented the best promotional video starring more than 30 former and current players to the NBA Lane. Haven’t you seen it yet? Then make sure it is taken.

And we try to remember all the references, Easter eggs, and other fun times (sometimes very rare) that the short film writers were able to put together in a three-minute video. Here are some tips from the league itself.

Welcome to the NBA Line!

• George: From the very first frames, we will receive a cloud logo from the league.

• George: The girl who was thrown was taken by basketball bus.

And yes, this is Michael Jordan the only one in the movie. And the only reference to the weather. The new Space Jam business is alive and well.

• George: The bus route is not easy. Moreover, the addresses of the buildings relate to the numbers of basketball players.

So, Magic Johnson has a 32nd home, and Larry Bird has a 33rd. Magic and Larry are really neighbors because the league clash between the league and the Celtics at the same time is considered the NBA Golden Class because they have eight champions and six MVP titles.

House No. 3 is the residence of Dwayne Wade. “This is my house!” – Three-time NBA champion in Miami met the audience with a signature phrase, first heard at the top of the referee’s table After being beaten by the Sirin winner in 2009.

• George: We notice clothes drying out on the street. Isaiah Thomas, Chris Mullin, Alex English, Clyde Draxler, Pete Maravich, Yao Ming, Tracy McGradi, Moses Malon, Larry Johnson, and Allan Everson are all hanging out in the clothing line.

I did not know the upper left, are there any guesswork?

• George: When he saw young Utah leader Donovan Mitchell mowing the lawn, he said, “Hey, Spyida!” She shouted. Here everything is simple: Donovan himself associates himself with Spider-Man, for which he received the nickname Spida (derived from Spiderman).

Mitchell is mowing the lawn at Oscar Robertson’s home number 181. Number 181 shows a three-fold increase in Big O during his career. This record stands for 47 years until the end of last season in West West Brook. The newspaper article that Robertson read was dedicated to this event.

• George: We soon met myself – the most beautiful person in the whole association. At the very least, this is what his new teammates from Lacquer think.

• George: The next one is Rim Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitsky is teaching his trademark Skyhock throw.

The chair in which Karim shared the secrets of the skies is very similar to the end of his playing career.

• Manu Gnobili prepares Argentine asado food, and Tri Yang melts ice – nicknamed Ice Tray.

• Manu passes the ball to Zack Lavin, who hits the ball as hard as he did in the Dunk race.

• “Throw big man down, throw him down” former player and analyst Bill Walton approves hit The Grand Center stands in the center of a rose garden, shaking one of its professional rooms with the Blazers, which is home to a giant rose garden home in Portland.

• On the wall next to the site are the pictures of famous legioners Drazen Petrovich (Yugoslavia, Croatia), Rudy Gobert (France), Yao Ming (China), Nicola Jocich (Serbia), Dr. Olajuwon (Nigeria), Luca Donchich (Nigeria). Embedded (Cameroon) and Steve Nash (born in Canada, South Africa).

• Bus driver shows the basketball community infiltrating all over the world. The passenger girl reasoned that the globe still had no angle…

The creators of the video, Kerry Irving’s preconceived notions, are still alive and well. Kaire himself has disappeared from the video, because he is now preoccupied with many important things.

• George: The girl in court greets Robert Ori, also known as Big Shot Bob, for her ability to hit big balls, to which Ori responds first with a salute and then with an open palm. Seven Fingers – Seven Attack Champions.

• George: William Williams hangs on the ring and breaks his shield with a big face coffee. Jimmy Butler started the same coffee brand.

Why does Zion break her shield? Probably because he was big and strong, like Shakil O’Neill once.

At the same time, Williamson uttered the phrase “my bad”, which was mundane in English by Manutu Ball.

• George: The bus is outstretched and stops at Gary Peeton. Defenders who won the title of best basketball player in the defense (1995/96 season) are also known as gloves.

• Traffic light is in the shape of a league logo (inspired by Jerry West). The Prohibited Symbol reminds us of the popular movement of Dikbe Mutebo after his successful firing.

• George: “Did anyone call a doctor?” Julius Irving asked Dr. J.

• Famous players in the big lobby include the famous artists Gilmore, Dickmebe Mutumbo, Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, Grant Hill and Vlad Divach.

• Kevin Durant is surrounded by portraits of several MVP winners, dro Giannis Antetokounmpo, Moses Malone, Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, Wilt Chamberlain. Willis Reed is behind the scenes (we’ll see the picture a little earlier).

• On January 26, 2020, a fan of Davin Baker arrived to commemorate Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash.

On the graffiti wall, the phrase “Be famous” appears, and Bryant’s text – Kobe This is how he signed a pair of sneakers for Devin in 2016. Many believe that in the modern NBA style of play, Bucker is very similar to the famous Laker shooter.

• George: LeBron James sows the seeds of the coming NBA Kings

By the way, one of the best recordings of the ritual was made in Madison Square Garden, New York, so the garden may not be a coincidence. We are not going to parallel Boston Garden.

• Hornets’ Lamelo Ball is playing Bulls mascot Benny Bull in the old NBA Jam 2v2. They actually run “Charlotte” and “Chicago”.

Lonzo Ball joined the bulls this summer. So Lamelo is trying to win his big brother’s new team.

• NBA Champion Jerry West (with logo) plays chess with Lil Penny, the scariest Penny Hardaway doll used in the old Nike ad.

• George: “This is just fun,” said Michael B. Jordan Kauhi Leonard, as the comedian appeared on the screen. The Kawai facial expressions, voice and laughter in this video explain everything.

The skate shows that Leonard is back in his hometown of Los Angeles.

• George: Anthony Davis finally broke his ankle, not for himself (forgive me, Lacker fans), but for Clever Mascot.

• George: We met Isaiah Thomas, a car racer who clearly remembers the champions with Motor City Piston.

• George: And then we got the usual greeting from Carmello Anthony and we drove past all the posters with posters and walls.

• George: And finally, we are getting closer to the great center Bill Russell, who won eleven league titles with Boston (both as a player).

This tour is over!


Bonus from the video.

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