NBA Club Covers COVID-19 Outbreak in Team in Game Series – June 8, 2022

Phoenix Sun encountered COVID-19 virus during game against Dallas Mavericks. The Athletics reports.

According to the source, six club employees, including one player, were infected with the corona virus at the end of the broadcast or on the eve of the last game.

The news could partially explain how he defeated Phoenix Dallas by 30 points in the 5th consecutive game and then lost by a score of 27 and 33 in games 6 and 7.

In addition, it raises questions about the current CV-19 rules in the NBA. However, a league spokesman told The Athletics that the Sunnis players or staff had not seen any evidence of a breach of the rules.

Remember that Dallas won 4-3 in a row and advanced to the Western Conference Finals, where they lost to the Warriors of the Golden State (1-4).

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