Nations League 2022-2023 – Portugal loses to Switzerland, Spain defeats Czech Republic – Football News

Fernando Santos’ team lost to the outside of Switzerland.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the leader of the Portuguese national team.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the leader of the Portuguese national team. Photo courtesy Reuters

The League of Nations Champions League concludes for 4 rounds today. After that, the teams stopped until the fall of the competition until September.

Portugal lost for the first time this season. The Lucites decided to do without Cristiano Ronaldo and the Swiss took advantage of this. In the first minute, the neutral teams scored.

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After the cross, Seferovich hit his head in the head and Rui Patricio did not save the team. And in the 13th minute, the hosts could have been awarded a penalty after playing handball with the Portuguese defender, but after the VAR, the referee decided not to point out the “point”.

Overall, the game was played by the visitors, with Santos strengthening the squad and replacing him with Jota and Bernardo Silva. However, this did not work. Portugal finished second, and the Swiss returned to the competition to secure their place in the elite.

Switzerland – Portugal 1 ፡ clear 0
Seferovich, 1

The leader of the group was the Spanish team. Luis Enrique’s team scored every half against the Czech Republic. First, Solar closed the cross from Asensio. And at the end of the day, Sarabia is separated, she has successfully played in someone else’s penalty area.

Spain – Czech Republic 2: 0
Solar, 24, Sarabia, 75


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