“My husband is an emotional carrier.” Semak’s wife considers him a martyr – Football News

Zenith’s head coach, Sergei Semak, is the wife of Sergei Semak, who spoke about her husband’s religious beliefs.

“I had a wonderful time with Neophyte. Can you imagine what it would be like for my wife? He married a secular woman and in the moment I suddenly changed, the interior of the house changed – more pictures of elders were seen.

And my husband was initially rather sympathetic, well, believer so, on a regular basis. And as soon as I understood everything, I immediately decided to look like Xenia blessed in appearance, hesychast (use of prayer and special psychological and physical exercises – approximately “Bombardier”) and to die a martyr’s death. Death, otherwise I would not have lasted long enough.

And the husband, we have to give him what he deserves, he is emotional, ”Anna Semak said on Spas TV.

  • In Orthodoxy, the bearers of suffering are called Christian martyrs who have suffered in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Semak has led Zenith for four seasons.
  • Under his leadership, Petersburg became the undisputed champion of Russia.

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