Meet the 10 most beautiful models who changed the concepts of beauty for overweight

Meet the 10 most beautiful models who changed the concepts of beauty for overweight

Until recently, the world of fashion and fashion shows did not open its doors to women of the ideal weight, so most girls dreamed of having a harmonious body that is not chubby and a slender body that resembles supermodels. In this article, we will tell you about the most beautiful overweight models in the world:

Tess Holiday
Because of her extra weight, American model Tess Holiday has faced gruesome campaigns of bullying and hate on social media, yet she has never given up on self-love and has been working on developing herself, often writing phrases such as “It is not enough to say that every size is beautiful, people must believe It is truly true and to believe in it from the bottom of their hearts.”

Paloma Elsacer
Steady pace and unwavering determination, American model Paloma Ellisser moved towards her dream.

Ashley Graham
One of the world’s most famous supermodels, Ashley Graham is also an inspiration and reality TV star. Lashley expresses a distinctive and long journey in self-love and accepts all shapes, sizes and colors of humans, and has appeared on the covers of many international magazines such as Vogue.

Barbie Ferrera
Barbie Ferreira is a highly successful 23-year-old model who not only works with the most powerful fashion magazines but also decided to enter the world of acting as she appeared in the 2019 HBO series Euphoria.

Tara Lynn
Since she was young, Tara Lynn was a plump child, so she was isolated and bullied by her classmates and because of her hatred for her extra weight, she decided to follow strict diets, most of which did not work, and over time she decided to accept and love her body as it is. Currently, Tara works with the largest fashion agencies in the world It is famous for displaying swimwear and lingerie.

Dennis Bidot
Denise dedicates her pages on social media, especially Instagram, to talking to girls about self-love, as she always tells them that life is short and there is no time to focus on small flaws. Denise is not only a successful model but has also taken it upon herself to educate girls to accept and love themselves.

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