Little Winry Was Born With a Rare Birthmark, and Her Mom Shows How Beautiful Her Daughter Is

Little Winry Was Born With a Rare Birthmark, and Her Mom Shows How Beautiful Her Daughter Is

Nicole Lucas Hall is an adorable mom of 2, son Asher and daughter Winry. And like any respectable mother, she’s a warrior. Nicole leads a pretty ordinary life, but she has a mission: to celebrate her daughter’s unique beauty. Her 13-month-old daughter, Winry, was born with a rare birthmark that covers a quarter of her face.

Bright Side is always on the front line to share these kinds of inspiring stories. That’s why we invite you to join us as we look through the eyes of a mother who uses social media to share her daughter’s experience and connect with other parents in similar situations.

At first, Winry’s parents were really worried.

Recalling the moment they first saw her daughter, Nicole said their first thoughts were confusion and concern for her safety, as neither of them had ever seen such a birthmark as that one.

They assumed it was something dangerous, but the doctors quickly put their fears to rest. Winry was born with rare congenital melanocytic nevi, or CMNs, with an estimated prevalence of around 1 in 50,000 births. They were reassured that the birthmark was most likely purely cosmetic and any health risks would be on par with other nevi or moles.

Nicole revealed to Bright Side that after a huge sigh of relief, they could finally relax and appreciate Winry’s arrival even more. Her and her husband’s main goal now, months after her birth, is to keep their daughter healthy and confident.

Sadly, there has been no shortage of hostile comments and criticism since Nicole started sharing her daughter’s story, but even in their day-to-day lives, some people are staring or throwing unfavorable glances at Winry.

However, Nicole was pretty calm about the situation. She informed us that they both seek to keep most of their social media responses informative, given that nearly all of the negative comments they receive are simply out of ignorance. To those who are rude and hateful, Nicole and her husband respond with humor.

Other than that, they were almost completely overwhelmed with the compassion of those who heard of Winry.
Every little sister wants to have an older brother to take care of her. And in Winry’s case, Asher is a true, helpful, and sweet brother. According to Nicole, he is blissfully unaware that there is something “different” about her. He knows she has a birthmark on her face, but it’s nothing more different to him than having different eye colors.

Asher, like any other child his age, is sometimes jealous of sharing Mommy’s time, but other than that, Nicole is sure he will become both Winry’s best friend and protector.

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