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The Los Angeles Lakers lost their NBA game without LeBron James.

The Lakers lost by Phoenix 110 ፡ 121 and lost three games before the end of the regular season.

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Libron James

Libron James

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The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Phoenix and were out of the game for three games before the end of the NBA regular season. The club, which includes league stars such as LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis, will not be able to lift the league trophy for the second time in four years.

She defeated Phoenix Leakers on the field with 121 points 110 (28 points 31, 35 points 27, 35 points 22, 23 points 30). Hosts’ top scorer Davin Boocker had 32 points, while Deander Aiten had double (22 points, 13 goals).

At the Lakers, West Brooke 28 points, Davis scored two-double (21 points, 13 rebounds), and James missed the game due to an ankle injury.

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Carmelo Anthony

The Lakers are 11th in the West with 31 wins from 79 games. The top six teams (Phoenix, Memphis, Golden State, Dallas, Utah, Denver) advance to the knockout stages, with clubs 7-10 playing in the knockout stages. Two playoffs (Minnesota, Los Angeles Clips, New Orleans), San Antonio).

LeBron James joins the Laxers in 2018 and wins the 2020 NBA Cup with the team. A.D. In 2019, the team failed to reach the final and lost to Phoenix in the first round in 2021.

James will miss the fourth-round pick in 19 NBA seasons.


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