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Utah jazz legend outlaws Karl Malon James deserves 1458 points to surpass Rim Abdul Jabar and become the highest scoring player in the history of the association.

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Libron James

Libron James

(Photo of Harry Haw / Getty Images)

Los Angeles Lakers striker Lebron James is the second-highest scorer in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

James scored 38 points against the Washington Wizards last night, which the Lakers lost 119-127. The Lakers leader became the game’s most successful player with ten assists and six assists.

LeBron James equals Michael Jordan’s NBA record.

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James finished second in the NBA regular season. He now has 36,929 points on his account. He surpassed Carl Malon (36,928) for Utah Jazz and Lacers.

Karem Abdul-Jebar leads the NBA by points. The former Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lacer Center scored 38,387 points in the regular season.


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