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Lacers defeated Cleveland in the Tribe of James by three

The Lacquer strikers scored 38 points, 11 assists and 12 assists against Cleveland. James, 37, is the third-highest scorer in NBA history with 30 points and more.

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Libron James

Libron James

(Photo of Harry Haw / Getty Images)

Los Angeles Lakers striker Lebron James Cleveland won the Cavaliers 131-120 three times.

With 38 points (17 hits 29), 11 assists and 12 assists in 41 minutes.

LeBron James is second in NBA points in history.

Libron James

The 37-year-old basketball player has become a three-time All-American with 30 points and more.

This triple-double was the sixth for James and 105th in his career.

Last December, James tripled Orlando Magic with 30 points, 11 assists and 10 assists. Next, Kobe Bryant became the most prolific player in the history of the NBA with a 30-point three-pointer. At the age of 36, James tripled that in 346 days. Bryant did this in his 36 days at the age of 36 (31 points, 11 answers and 12 assists by Toronto Raptors in November 2014).


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