Ladies, These Are The Best Kept Secrets For Good FEMININE HYGIENE (I bet you do #6 wrong your entire life)
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Ladies, These Are The Best Kept Secrets For Good FEMININE HYGIENE (I bet you do #6 wrong your entire life)

Ladies, avoid these menstrual hygiene mistakes to keep your ladies healthy and happy.
Because of the shame and taboo associated with menstruation, it is very difficult for women to overcome their doubts about the basic rules of menstrual hygiene.

That’s why we women tend to believe the unsubstantiated advice we read on the Internet or give in to the words of women around us, including mothers and friends.

According to Ranjana Bacon, MD, Gynecologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad, you need to get the facts right because any lack of knowledge about menstruation or poor hygiene can lead to the dreaded urinary tract infection (UTI). ), can cause irritation, allergies, and infections in your private parts and increase your chances of cervical cancer.
Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of common menstrual hygiene mistakes and correct them immediately.

  1. You use scented sanitary napkins and tampons
    I think I’ll pass by a crowd smelling like a dream because of the scented mats I’m wearing, turning my head as I can’t imagine violins playing, doves flying, and love smelling in the air. If you’re not too flaky, you can feel confident wearing a scented napkin that promises to mask the smell of period blood and leave you feeling fresh.

Unfortunately, according to Dr. Bacon, scented wipes and tampons can seriously harm your menstrual health and hygiene, so it’s time to bust the bubble.

“Scented wipes increase the risk of infection in the genital area because their top layer is filled with chemicals that make them smell good. Direct contact with skin, soft tissue, or blood vessels can cause irritation, itching, and swelling.

  1. You wash your vagina “to keep it clean”.
    Douching is a lame concept introduced to us from the West, which refers to putting water in the vagina to clean it.

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