“Kazani will host five FINA competitions in 2022”

At the FINA congress in Abu Dhabi, Tatarstan Sports Minister Vladimir Leonova spoke about co-operation between Kazan and the International Swimming Federation. His speech was quoted by the press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Photo: Sultan Iskhakov © IA “Tatar-inform”

According to the minister, last year for Fina can be called revolutionary. “New president, new bureau. Therefore, at the congress I spoke about our cooperation with FINA, starting in 2010. Together we have already held many competitions with them, including the World Aquatics Championship in 2015. Next year, Kazan will host five international FINA competitions “- Synchronized World Diving and Swimming Series, World Short Course Championship, World Junior Swimming Championship, World Swimming Cup stage,” Leonov said.

The Minister assured that Kazan is ready for international competitions and announced new points regarding winter activities for the participants of the World Swimming Championship in short courses. “All these competitions will take place at the Palace of Water Sports. We want to do something interesting in terms of winter activities for the participants of the World Short Course Championship. In Abu Dhabi, where the World Short Course Championship is now taking place +20, we have -20. Therefore, we need to come up with something in our key. When I showed the pictures of the Winter Boiler, everyone said, “Wow, this is interesting.” We have opened a new ski and biathlon complex. “It would be interesting to organize some kind of winter event out of competition,” Leonov said.

Also, the head of the Ministry of Sports of Tatarstan shared his plans to build a new sports facility. This is an arena specifically for high diving. “Let’s see how the economic situation will develop. Senior divers do not have a training facility: there is a 19-meter tower in the Palace of Water Sports, and men jump from 27 m, so this height is not enough for them. Also, this facility can be used for synchronized swimming and diving. We want to implement it near the Palace of Water Sports. We are engaged in design and evaluation documentation. I would like this World Cup to have its own legacy. This center would be in demand not only by our children and schools, but also by the FINA Development Center, which we opened three years ago. During this time 40 athletes from 32 countries of the world passed through it, 10 of these athletes were selected and presented at the Olympics. They have an education module, accommodation, logistics, a training facility and training expertise that have allowed them to qualify for the Games.

The second infrastructure project we would like to implement and the World Cup could accelerate is a multifunctional center that can host swimming and synchronized swimming competitions during the World Cup. We are already looking closely, we are also studying the prospects for further functioning. There are a number of places where we in Kazan can build it, but so far it is at the second level, in terms of development, we have made more progress with the high diving facility. “As for the infrastructure and those facilities of the 2025 World Cup, which I have already mentioned, the year 2022 will be crucial, when there will already be a clear understanding on this issue”, said Leonov.

Earlier it was reported that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) gave FINA permission to host the 2022 World Short Course Swimming Championships in Kazan.

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