Freckles and spots are quite common skin problems. They can develop and be unsightly for any reason. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of them naturally. Here’s how it’s done.


Warts are usually caused by the human papilloma virus or HPV. There are 100 different types of lung cancer that affect people, and they are relatively easy to treat. All you have to do is apply apple cider vinegar to the bag and press it with a bandage.

Change the dressing twice a day. I’ve also heard duct tape works well. Put a bit of tape on it and leave it on. After 6 days, you can soak it in water for a while and wipe it with pumice stone.

Skin tags

Skin tags are often caused by friction from clothing. Again, apple cider vinegar will do the trick to get rid of them.

The ACV on the skin tag will come off with a sponge several times a day. Tea tree oil is also effective. It should be about 10 days.


Moles are generally harmless. Of course, it is important to know the symptoms of skin cancer. Often moles are simply unsightly.

Crushed garlic and applied to moles and bandaged for at least four hours a day can remove moles. Apple cider vinegar is also effective, but less effective.

Black acne

The key to really getting rid of blackheads is keeping your pores clean. You can open your pores with steam before washing. Apply a natural moisturizer like apple cider vinegar, followed by a moisturizer like coconut oil.

Age spots

I’m all for embracing aging with grace, but sometimes age spots make you self-conscious. They are caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Fortunately, lemon juice has skin-lightening properties, so applying it to your skin several times a day will lighten dark spots. Make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen!

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